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2 Hours To “Look & Feel” 2 Years Younger! Possible?

Is your time limited but still want to maintain your fresh and young look? In Healthy Skin Phuket, we have a special 2 hours procedure to propose…

Many clients visit our clinic monthly, to have a quick treatment – their own private time to take care of themselves. For this reason, we designed the below treatment package for people who want a quick but very effective treatment.

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What Is The Botox Treatment For Upper Face Package?

This botox treatment is specifically aimed at the upper face wrinkles. Going through this quick treatment will tighten your upper face skin dermis and reduce the unwanted lines which make you appear “old and tired.”

All the products, we use during this botox treatment, are USA FDA approved and imported a maximum six months before the date of the procedure (to maintain the quality effects)

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How Will These 2 Hours Be Like If I Choose To Book An Appointment?

Healthy Skin Clinic is like a “sanctuary,” your “sanctuary” from the busy world around, your place of relaxation and calmness…

  • At the time of your arrival, a welcome herb drink will be served, and you will have a complimentary consultation with our Dermatologist.
  • After this, our Beauty therapist will clean and apply numbing cream on your face. This requires 15 to 30 mins.
  • When your face skin dermis is numb, our expert doctor will begin the botox injection treatment.
  • Once the botox treatment is complete, our Beauty Therapist will apply moisturizer and sunscreen SPF50 on your face.

That’s all! Now you are ready to get back at your daily schedule “looking & feeling” 2 years younger*

* Results may vary. Looking & feeling two years younger is something our clients mention when they have completed the treatment. Depending on your skin type and lifestyle, you may get different results. Full results will appear seven days after the therapy first took place.

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    Do you do Bicton for forehead and under eye fillers how much is it

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