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FDA approved or “something else” for your skin

This could be the most important page of this website in our opinion. This could be the page that will make a whole difference in your results, beauty and long-term health.

If you are from the US, you are probably aware of Food & Drug Administration, how it regulates medical devices and it’s authority over drugs & cosmetics destined to be used by the public. However, if you are not, I’m inviting you to take 2-3 mins and read this page until the end.

Your long-term health and results depend on it…

What’s the purpose of FDA (Food & Drug Administration)

According to FDA’s website:

" FDA is responsible for protecting the public health by assuring the safety, efficacy and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, medical devices, our nation’s food supply, cosmetics, and products that emit radiation. "

In plain English, FDA keeps you safe from any kind of harm or danger that you might get involved choosing un-regulated (un-tested) products or medical devices for your skin & beauty treatments.

FDA Certification

How this can guarantee you better results & safety

FDA authorities take great steps against dangerous medical devices and false claiming cosmetics or drugs that overpromise but underdeliver. Here is how FDA distinguishes cosmetics with drugs and other personal care products. FDA’s authorities undertake chemical & medical tests for every new product or device which aims to be sold in public.

After these tests are completed FDA will award a certification of approval for safe public use or give a warning letter that this product – medical device does not fulfill the proper laws. If a product or medical device is certified, the manufacturer will receive a certification like the one at your right (this is from some products we used to manufacture and sell some time ago).

In an ideal scenario every product & medical manufacturer should care about the end results they provide to the consumer. However, a great percentage of them care only for their profit…

This means that choosing – the skin treatment you are going to undergo and the cosmetics which are going to be used – carefully can mean the difference between a treatment or a cosmetic which is approved for safe public use or “something else” of unknown origin & results…

Why is it important to look carefully before buying

In Healthy Skin & Beauty Treatment Center we use ONLY FDA Approved medical devices and cosmetics. This is because by using an FDA Approved cosmetic or medical device we can almost guarantee the expected results.

Taking the risk of using non FDA Approved products and devices exposes you to – usually – lower quality results while you are taking an unnecessary risk for your long-term health. For example in Healthy Skin & Beauty Treatment Center you will find only the original Botox product manufactured directly in US and FDA approved.

In some cases other brands & competitors may appear cheaper but how much does your peace of mind and long-term good health really costs? If results, safety, and long-term health is your primary concern, then looking for the FDA Approved badge is the only way to go.

True experiences directly from our clients

Below you can read the true story of 3 different clients describing the differences they experienced using FDA Approved products & treatments.

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