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  • November 15, 2022

The newest innovation in laser hair removal, the MeDioStar, is the ultimate diode laser for safe and effective hair removal on all skin types! We’re so excited to welcome this device to our product line as it continues to revolutionize hair removal. Thanks to its improved user experience, intuitive design, and advancements in technology.

Why Healthy Skin Clinic Choose Mediostar

Mediostar: The New Era of Hair Removal

A hair removal laser is applied to cleansed and shaved skin. During the treatment, the skin is cooled to make the application almost painless. Only the slight pinching on the skin indicates that the hair follicles were successfully destroyed.

Mediostar: The New Era of Hair Removal

Mediostar Monolith with the latest diode laser technology its 810/940 nm wavelength, efficient cooling system, and power up to 5000 Watts enables greater depth of penetration to effectively destroy hair follicles and guarantees safety for all skin types. It has a large spot size which is the best choice for fast treatment of small and large areas.

Mediostar: The New Era of Hair Removal

Southern Thailand Elephant Foundation and Healthy Skin Clinic Phuket

Healthy Skin Clinic is proud to align with Southern Thailand Elephant Foundations (STEF) to promote elephant welfare and conservation in southern Thailand.

For every customer’s first hair removal treatment, Healthy Skin Clinic will donate 150 THB to STEF ensuring sufficient resources and medical supplies for mistreated, old and injured elephants in Thailand.

Funds will be transferred to the foundation weekly with clientele names and a receipt will be provided by the foundation and forwarded to the customer.

Humans and animals have life and value. Sharing and being supportive, giving little things can help make the world more conducive liveable, and warm.